Anna Ushenina,
14th World Women Champion 2012
Olympic Champ. 2006

Chess Match among ICC Students

Internet Chess Club

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    Anna Ushenina

14th World Women Champion 2012, Olympic Champion, International Grandmaster among men
WGM Anna Ushenina

and more
about Anna
    Maxim Polyakov

Best FIDE rating 2436. International Master. He has qualified for the World Youth Championships 2007 from Ukraine
From 6 to 68 years old, and from 24 countries in all parts of the world

Some of
    Olena Dvoretska

Best FIDE rating 2212

Woman International Master
  Alexey Averjanov

Best FIDE rating 2420

International Master
    Daniel Selyutin

Winner of the 2008 USA, New Jersey Championship (u 1600)
  Maryia Oreshko

Winner of the 2007 New Jersey, USA among girls. Qualified for
Pan American Youth Festival 2009, and World Youth Championship, 2010
    Andrey Ermolaev

Best FIDE rating 2372

In the process of
getting IM title
  Skanda Palanirajan

Winner of the 2005
US Junior Open
Under 8 Championship
    Anna Sirotina

Candidate to Master
Maybe You

International Master

My Teacher:
  Boris Khanukov

Best FIDE rating 2424
International Master. National master of former USSR,
tied 2-4 places at European Senior Chess Championship
Davos, Switzerland 2006
and got 4 place at XVIII Senior World Championship
in Bad Zwischenahn 2008

To paraphrase a famous proverb,
a coach is known by the students he keeps.

Therefore, let me introduce to you my students, those whom I worked with in the past and those whom I work with now.

I taught WGM Anna Ushenina (finger Afina on ICC) who won a gold medal with a Ukranian Women's Team at Chess Olympiad in Torino (Italy) in 2006 & Silver Medal 38-th Chess Olympiad in 2008.

One of my students on ICC has won the US under-8 Championship
(finger skanda on ICC). Another students Maryia Oreshko and Daniel Selyutin
won of the 2007 and 2008 New Jersey Championship, USA.
They also increased their USCF rating from 800 to 1700+ points!

I also taught Alexey Averjanov and Olena Dvoretska, who have become International Master and Woman International Master respectively.
My student Maxim Polyakov, FIDE Master, has won a silver medal at the Ukranian under-18 Championship and has qualified for the World Youth Championships.

Daisuke Niwa from Tokyo, Japan got rich 2500 ICC blitz ratimg and
after beating a GM (!), has broken 2200 level, in 5-min ICC rating.
Ross Tesoriero (nymission1) has added 300 points to his 15-min. ICC rating for less than three months only! Another ICC student (finger greg001) won in March, 2007 a K-4 in the USA.

Maryia Oreshko (USA) has qualified for Pan American Youth Festival 2009
Patrick Burke (pseudonym) has started playing more confidently and
added a lot of points to his ICC rating.

Meer Anton has jumped from 1973 to 2203 and has got CM (Expert)

And many of my students on ICC have reached a rating of 2000+

You can find some of the annotated Student's games and my analysis here

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