Anna Ushenina,
14th World Women Champion 2012
Olympic Champ. 2006

Chess Match among ICC Students

Internet Chess Club

Did you know
that Chess makes
man happy?

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So, Let's improve your
Chess understanding!


Would you like to strengthen your play, to enjoy your chess games, to deepen your positional analysis, or increase your rating? If you answered yes to any of these questions then e-mail or message Artiom on ICC for chess lessons online.

International Master Artiom Tsepotan at your service. Holder of Master's Degree in Education (chess teacher bio in brief) with fifteen years teaching everyone from beginners to Olympic champion and World Women Champion.

at any chess level, adults and kids are welcome for online chess lessons!

Test your strength and improve your game
with the 14th Women's World Chess Champion!

Does this Test look
a bit hard? click here

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